Mike Tice to the Titans?


Reports from Yahoo!

are that the Titans are considering Bears OL Coach, Mike Tice for the OC job in Tennessee.  Say what you want about the Bears OL woes, but one thing is certain, they showed improvement during the course of the season.

Ever since “The Murder of Jay Cutler” in week 4 where JC was sacked 9 times in one half of football, the OL began to gel together.  OC Mike Martz actually began to run the ball and that helped the OL to get comfortable and the rushing game got better over the course of the season.

Sure, they still had some stinkers in there, but with “Turnstyle Omiyale” at LT and a raw, but talented rookie in J’Marcus Webb at RT, things could have conceivably been much worse.  Personally, I think they are 1 LT away from being a very good unit, provided they re-sign Olin Kruetz, who is an anchor at the Center position.

Let’s face it, Tice made chicken salad out of chicken S**T for most of the season and I think the Bears should deny this request for Tice to interview since he has one year left on his contract and I am interested to see what he can do if the Bears upgrade their talent level on the OL.

CAN I GET AN AMEN?!?!?!?!?!

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