Bears Raising Ticket Prices – They Gotta Pay Lovie Somehow


The Chicago Bears are taking advantage of their surprising 2010 season and NFC Championship Game appearance to raise ticket prices across the board for next season. Hey, they just extended head coach Lovie Smith for a couple more years – they’ve got to pay him somehow, so they’re passing the hat to their die-hard fans.

This right from the team’s website:

"Non-club seat increases range from $5 to $15, while club seats will be raised from $10 to $30 per ticket. The Bears’ non-club ticket prices now range from $74 to $140 and account for approximately 85 percent of the seating at Soldier Field. Club seats range from $265 to $530."

At a minimum, you’re out another $50 season ticket holders ($5 x 10 home games) and up to $300 lighter in the wallet.  That’s nothing to sneeze at for the average fan.

Let me give a word of advice to the Bears PR people.  It’s probably not a good idea to announce a ticket hike on the same day that you extend a head coach that many fans, myself included, are not wildly supportive of.  You can jack up ticket prices after you sign Julius Peppers or better yet when you sign Vincent Jackson or Sidney Rice.

Season ticket holders have to submit their payments in full by April 7th.   Funny that they have to pay up even though there’s quite a bit of uncertainty as to whether or not we’ll even have football.  The Bears assure fans that they’ll provide refunds for any missed games.

Again, a PR note (and no, I’m not a PR profession nor do I play one on TV).  If the McCaskeys want to help gain some public support for the owner’s side of the labor negotiations, why not hold off on collecting season ticket money until a new CBA is signed?  Sort of a sign of good faith.  I guess they’ve got to get the yacht and country club dues paid up.