Bears Set to Work Out Quarterback Andy Dalton


WHY?  WHY? WHY???  According to multiple reports, the Bears are set to hold a private workout with TCU quarterback Andy Dalton.   As’s NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert points out, Jay Cutler is the only quarterback certain to be back on the Bears’ roster next season.  Todd Collins is as good as gone and Caleb Hanie is a restricted free agent, whom the Bears only put a low tender on.

I get all of that and I’m sure that Dalton is a capable quarterback prospect, but the problem is that with so many holes to fill on both lines and the need to add depth at several positions on both sides of the ball, how can the Bears be using up one of the few private workouts that they’re allotted on a quarterback prospect???  Didn’t they blow a late-round pick last year with Dan LeFevour?  What’s worse is that Dalton is considered a 2nd round prospect.  Mike Martz doesn’t like inexperienced quarterbacks, so why spend a high round pick on a guy that’s not likely to contribute any time in the near future?  I’d rather see them take a flier on another OL prospect or a special teams contributor in the draft and go out and get Marc Bulger or Luke McCown to back up Cutler and keep Hanie by matching any reasonable offers that might come his way.  What is going on at Halas Hall?