Danny Mac Show Discusses Chicago’s Sweet 16 Tournament (Audio)


I’m a loyal Score-head (that’s 670 The Score to those not in the know)  and have been listening to Dan McNeil since the mid-90’s, so you can imagine my surprise when I got a tweet yesterday that Dan and co-host Matt Spiegel were discussing our very own Chicago’s Sweet 16 Tournament to select the hottest woman in Chicago media.

I wasn’t able to tune in live, but never fear, they have podcasts of the show.  I’ve downloaded it and clipped the segment so you can listen to it here:


It’s a discussion all of us, ok maybe just some of us creepy old guys, have had at the bar, so it’s a natural to create some lively debate.  It’s a testament to the power of social media.  Someone posts a link to the post on their Facebook page, someone else sees it and before you know it, there’s a full segment dedicated to which Chicago media babe is the hottest.

It’s pretty cool to have this dumb idea getting talked about on the airwaves.  Thanks to Mac and Spiegs and the producers over at The Score!

The voting for the first round is winding down but Round 2 figures to be intense with some great matchups.