Lockout Limbo Leaves Players and Teams in Awkward Situation


We are currently in a state of limbo.  I’m not talking about the stupid party game where you dance under the stick to see how low you can go.  I’m talking about limbo, the place between heaven and hell.  The place between football and lockout.

Even though Judge Susan Nelson ruled in favor of the players doesn’t mean we’re back to business as usual.   Far from it.  First came an e-mail from the group formerly known as the NFLPA telling players to show up for work on Tuesday.

"“Be advised any player going to work tomorrow is doing so under the ruling that Judge Nelson rendered today,” the e-mail read. “Judge Nelson’s court order prevents the clubs from locking out players under contract, so they can show up for work. Unless and until the judge issues an order for a stay (delay of the injunction), the teams will be in violation of Judge Nelson’s order if they don’t allow access.”"

Bears player rep Robbie Gould showed up (along with Matt Toeina and Isreal Idonije) but weren’t allowed to work out.   Bears president Ted Phillips had this to say on the current situation: 

"“Right now, we just want some clarification when the league year will start and what’s going to happen going forward,” Phillips said when asked if Nelson’s ruling was a setback for clubs. “That’s really all I can tell you right now.“Right now I think the league, the clubs and the players too are all looking for some clarification, some additional rulings from the judge. When that happens we’ll re-address the situation and see where we go.”“Ultimately, the collective bargaining agreement needs to get resolved,” he said. “That’s going to happen when both sides sit down at the bargaining table and hash it out. That’s what we’re looking forward to.”"

These are strange days indeed.  My biggest question is whether they can at least work something out to allow player trades in time for the draft.  That could add an interesting dynamic to this weekend’s proceedings.