Two Bears Among Worst Draft Picks of All Time


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Yahoo! Sports terrific NFL blog Shutdown Corner named the Worst Draft Picks by draft order.  Rather than me bungle this up, let’s get it straight from the horse’s mouth.

"There’s an annual debate as to which player was the biggest No. 1 draft bust in history. But what about the guys who went No. 7? Should their NFL failures not be celebrated? To remedy this, Shutdown Corner looked back through the past 25 years of draft history and selected the biggest busts at every drafting slot from No. 1 through No. 10. Think of it as an all-time mock draft of ineptitude."

Two Top-10 Bears picks earned the dubious distinction of being among the worst ever.  Care to take a guess who they were?  (I know, there are so many to choose from, I’m glad he limits it to the last 25 years!).  Check out the


losers after the jump.

The worst ever #5 draft selection belongs to the Bears:

"5. Curtis Enis, RB, Chicago Bears, 1998Like Blair Thomas, Ki-Jana Carter and D.J. Dozier before him, Enis kept up the grand tradition of Penn State running back busts. In three seasons with the Bears, Enis rushed for 1,500 yards and four touchdowns. He joins fellow 1998 top-five picks Leaf and Wadsworth on our list."

"Honorable mention: Trev Alberts (1994), Mike Junkin (1987)"

And not to be outdone, another Bear makes the list at #8:

"8. David Terrell, WR, Chicago Bears, 2001If Terrell was half as good as he thought he was, he’d still be in the NFL instead of flaming out after burning bridges and dropping passes during his five NFL seasons."

"Honorable mention: None"

If it’s any consolation, Brian Urlacher was named the Best #9 draft pick :

"9. Brian Urlacher, LB, Chicago Bears, 2000My favorite Urlacher fact: In a 2003 game against the Redskins, he caught a 27-yard touchdown pass that would prove to be the winning score.Honorable mention: Fred Taylor (1998), Jerome Brown (1987)"

No need to worry about any Bears making the Top 10 this year since there’s no chance the Bears will move up to get anyone that high in the draft.