Bears A Long Shot to Win Super Bowl XLVI


Don’t go booking tickets to Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI in February 2012 just yet, at least not if you’re a Bears fan.  According to, the Chicago Bears are a long shot to win the title in the upcoming season, going off as a 28-1 shot.

It’s a little surprising that a team that was a few plays away from representing the NFC in Super Bowl XLV last season would be so far down the list of contenders.  Check out the full list after the jump.

This table courtesy of The Score:

Green Bay Packers7/1
New England Patriots7/1
Pittsburgh Steelers11/1
San Diego Chargers12/1
Baltimore Ravens14/1
New York Jets14/1
New Orleans Saints16/1
Indianapolis Colts16/1
Atlanta Falcons16/1
Philadelphia Eagles16/1
Dallas Cowboys16/1
New York Giants18/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers30/1
Minnesota Vikings35/1
Detroit Lions35/1
Houston Texans35/1
Kansas City Chiefs35/1
Oakland Raiders40/1
San Francisco 49ers40/1
St. Louis Rams40/1
Miami Dolphins50/1
Tennessee Titans50/1
Washington Redskins50/1
Cincinnati Bengals60/1
Denver Broncos60/1
Cleveland Browns65/1
Jacksonville Jaguars65/1
Arizona Cardinals75/1
Seattle Seahawks80/1
Buffalo Bills100/1
Carolina Panthers100/1

28 to 1? Seriously???? No respect!

As our handicapping expert Bart would quickly point out, these odds are based on public perception as much as they are about how good the teams actually are.  Vegas wants to even out the money between all the teams as much as they can.  What do you think?  For my money, I’d throw a few sheckles on the Bears.  Who is a good value bet?