Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Ultimate Chicago Bears Fan


Father’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s high time to get your ultimate Bears fan dads something special.  Here are some ideas for you:

Father’s Day Brunch at Soldier Field

Where better to spend his special day than Soldier Field.  Tickets are $55 for adults and $25 for kids 3-12.  Dads will enjoy the United Club’s fine dining and even get a chance to kick a field goal.  Go to Soldierfield.net for more details.

World’s Best Dad Bears T-shirt

Check out this great T-shirt at Amazon.com.

Chicago Bears Brand

Nothing says Dad like grilling and nothing says the ultimate Bears fan grilling more than emblazoning a Chicago Bears C on your meat.  Can also be used to brand that smart ass Packer fan in the next car over during the tailgate.  Go to sportsmemorabilia.com to get one.

Chicago Bears Tattoo

You may not want to get him hooked; I heard Glenn Timmermann’s kids got him his first tat and now he’s got over 100 Bears autographs tattooed all over him.  Check out his ink here.

Chicago Bears Golf Cart

Don’t just get dad a 3-pack of golf balls or a Bears putter cover, go big with this ridiculous Chicago Bears golf cart.  Check it out at Bigasscarts.com.  (It doesn’t look like it’s on sale there, but you can at least window shop!)

There are still a few days left before Father’s day, so if you have some other ideas, post them in the Comments.