Brian Waters for the Bears?


I saw a post today on ESPN Insider that gave me pause…

"Back on May 16, Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star instructed us that we should not be surprised if Jon Asamoah is promoted into the starting lineup at left guard for the Kansas City Chiefs this season, bumping veteran Brian Waters out.Within their “NFL Whispers” roundup this weekend, Pro Football Weekly echoed that sentiment, with word from team sources indicating that management is “very high” on Asamoah, which is generally more productive than being very high on other things.Though 34-years-old, Waters can still play at a high level, and would certainly be a nice target for the teams in search of interior line help and locker room leadership this offseason."

While Waters is no spring chicken, he certainly isn’t over the hill either.  He would be an outstanding tutor for Chris Williams, among others.  Waters is also, by all accounts, a fine upstanding citizen, which is something the Bears are always looking for.  I mean, you need someone to win those Piccolo Awards 🙂

This is the type of free agent move that might not be flashy, but could certainly reap benefits for the Bears down the line.  Let’s hope Jerry is paying attention!!!

CAN I GET AN AMEN?!?!?!?!?!

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