Bears’ Gabe Carimi Talks Technique and Cheeseheads on NFL Network


Chicago Bears’ 1st round draft pick Gabe Carimi made an appearance on NFL Network where he covered a wide range of topics.  First of all, you have to check out the video clip of Carimi and make sure you hang with the short clip until the end where Carimi demonstrates not only great technique but a great understanding of the game.  I hope I’m not getting ahead of myself when I say that I think we have a winner here Bears fans.

Not only does Carimi get the technical parts of his position and the game, but he gets PR.  Check out this exchange with NFL Network’s Frank Tadych when asked about growing up in Wisconsin:

"You grew up in Wisconsin, went to Wisconsin-Madison, and now you play in Chicago. Bears fans might want to know if you own a cheesehead.GC: No, I don’t own a cheesehead. I was a Packer fan growing up, but I wasn’t the biggest fan. But I’ve repented that sin already. I lived a life of sinning, and I’ve repented. I’m good."

I’m not sure I really believe him, but give the kid credit – he’s saying all the right things.  I especially like his phrasing.  “I lived a life of sinning and I’ve repented.”  Classic!

A few more things we learned about “The Bear Jew” after the jump…

Gabe expects to play left tackle for the Bears whenever the season starts:

"Do you anticipate being the Bears’ left tackle when the season starts?GC: Honestly, that’s my goal because it’s a high-value position. But, whatever the team’s needs are, that’s what I’ll be. Wherever they start me and is best for the Bears."

I completely agree.  Why move him to the side where he’s unaccustomed to playing and move J’Marcus Webb away from the right tackle spot where he played last year.  With limited offseason work, throw Carimi on the left side and  sink or swim with the big fellas where they are.

Gabe is still a confident young man:

"At the combine, you said you were the best tackle in the draft. Do you stand by that?GC: Honestly, I do. I feel that way. It’s just how I feel and about the confidence I have. It’s based on my opinion. The Bears felt I was a good tackle and deserved to be drafted in the first round, and I’m just happy where I’m at."

Someone please send Gabe a copy of Pulp fiction – HE’S NEVER SEEN IT!  Crazy!

Gabe is a big old, comic book nerd.  He loves super hero movies and counts The Hulk among his favorites.  I wonder if he and Lance Briggs will let him see his comic book collection???

Gabe doesn’t like reality TV but does like The Family Guy and South Park.  I wonder if he’s seen this clip before?

Gabe likes chicken.  And bacon.  And bacon wrapped chicken.  This guy was made for Chicago.

Welcome home Gabe!!!