David Haugh’s Bears Priorities Are All Messed Up


Chicago Tribune columnist  David Haugh is trying to help Bears GM Jerry Angelo get his priorities in line and his priorities are all messed up.  Let’s see if we can set him straight.

Here are Haugh’s priorities:

  1. Sign Olin Kreutz
  2. Sign Anthony Adams
  3. Let Danieal Manning walk
  4. Sign safety Quintin Mikell
  5. Let Pisa Tinoisamoa walk and sign Nick Roach.  Maybe find a cap casualty?
  6. Try to trade of Carolina Panther Steve Smith or get Santonio Holmes, Santana Moss, Braylon Edwards or James Jones
  7. Re-sign Brad Maynard

Well I’ll say this, the bookends of David’s list are good, but what’s in between needs a lot of work to be polite and is total crap to be more realistic.  Check out my counterpoints after the jump.

Boomer’s Bears Priorities:

  1. Re-sign Olin Kreutz. It’s a no-brainer, which is why Haugh got it right and stated it right.  This is no time to lose the linchpin of your already shaky offensive line.
  2. Go get a linebacker.  Or two.  Or three. The Bears have 2 great ones under contract, but unless Lovie Smith plays nickel and dime defenses all season, the Bears will need some linebacker.  Even though Pisa has a questionable knee, I like his experience here a bit over Roach.  They should still get Roach and another up-and-comer but they need to fill this area in the roster.
  3. Sign DT Cullen Jenkins. It not only bolsters the interior of the Bears’ defensive line but it weakens the Packers.   Jenkins is a beast and will help rookie Paea and the inexperienced Henry Melton.  Where does Anthony Adams fit in?  I think the Bears should re-sign him too, but signing Jenkins should be a higher priority.
  4. Go get a big wide receiver. Forget Haugh looking for Steve Smith and Santana Moss.  We have little guys like that already in Hester and Knox.  Go get Cutler a big target.  Obviously Vincent Jackson and Sidney Rice would be nice, but I don’t think the Bears will dig that deep into their pockets.  I doubt they take a run at Plax or Ochocinco – just not their style.  Look for some of the middle tier guys like Malcom Floyd, Steve Breaston even a Mike Simm-Walker to be more likely targets for Jerry Angelo and the Bears.
  5. More offensive line help. If they sign Kreutz, that should be just the first step.  Give Mike Tice some more pieces to try to mold together to keep Jay Cutler upright.
  6. Go get some help at cornerback. Not sure if Zack Bowman can get back into the mix or Tim Jennings continues to start but this position was a concern last season.  Peanut Tillman can’t do it alone.
  7. Who cares about the punter? Maynard had a down year, but I wouldn’t make it a priority to re-sign him.  Didn’t they just sign Richmond McGee before the lockout?  Don’t make me take my new McGee jersey back.

What are your priorities for the Bears?  Do you like Haugh’s better than mine?