Dick Butkus Chimes in on Soldier Field Turf

Bears linebacker Dick Butkus chimes in on the Soldier Field turf.
Bears linebacker Dick Butkus chimes in on the Soldier Field turf. /

I think the only people in and around Chicago who haven”t been asked about the Soldier Field turf areRonnie Woo Woo and me.  The latest person to chime in on the grass at Soldier Field is Bears legendary tough guy Dick Butkus.

"“I don’t know if it is the moisture or what, but why don’t they get that guy (George Toma) from Kansas City, and get someone in there and grow grass the right way,” said Butkus. “I was talking to somebody at the Hall of Fame (in Canton, Ohio last weekend) and he said he was on the field (last Friday) and he couldn’t believe how bad it was.“To me, you’re a pro. You should be able to play on a parking lot or in a prairie somewhere. But of course nowadays everybody has to have it picture-perfect. And I just don’t understand why either the (Chicago) Park District or the Bears can’t seem to find someone who knows how to grow grass. Geez … I think it’s ridiculous. At this stage of time, that a stadium has trouble with turf … come on now. What’s with that?"

Amen Dick!  Why the heck can’t the Bears or the entire city of Chicago find someone who can grow freaking grass?  Raise your hand if you’re sick to death of hearing about the turf problem at Soldier Field?  Yup, me too.  It’s time to put this in the rearview mirror and fix the damn problem.  Field Turf, hybrid, grass, green dirt.  I don’t care what they do, but the Bears – management and players – need to get on the same page and get this fixed once and for all.

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