Angelo: Artificial Turf May Be in Bears’ Future


Chicago Bears GM Jerry Angelo sat down with the Daily Herald’s Bob LeGere to chat about the state of the Bears.  Among the issues that came up – as it always seems to – was the Soldier Field turf.  Jerry’s answer to the question seems to be a shift in the company line:

"Q. Do you have a preference as to the playing surface at Soldier Field?Angelo: Everybody wants a really good surface each and every Sunday. It’s more of a challenge here in Chicago because of our weather and especially because we have natural grass. I know (team president and CEO) Ted (Phillips) has looked hard into an artificial surface that may be in our future.But we have all the confidence each and every week that that surface is going to be as good as it can be, and that’s the bottom line. We do everything we can to present not only the best surface but the safest surface.Q. Do you have a personal preference?Angelo: I like a fast surface. We have a fast football team, so you want a fast surface … I guess I’m telling you what I like. But we want a safe surface. Safety is first and everything else comes behind that."

Could it be that the Bears are finally wising up and moving on from their addiction to grass?  On the Mully and Hanley Show this morning, Angelo said that the Bears “we’re not going to be the Greatest Show on Grass.”  Could Field Turf be far behind?