Drivin’ Deez Nuts: Back to the Future

By Deez

I would like to take this opportunity to springboard off Boomer’s post from yesterday, wishing the preseason a farewell.   But I want to take it back a bit farther.  From the opening snap of the Bears playoff game against the Packers to right now.  It is a time that all Chicago fans, players and front office folks would like to forget.  However, as the saying goes, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Let us take a brief journey through the last eight months.

We endured the pain of Cutler’s knee injury and the Twitter-lash that ensued.  The NFL fell into a lockout, seemingly never to be heard from again.  Then Jay and Kristin Cavallari were to be wed, surely spelling the demise of Cutler, both socially and mentally.  The NFL draft was highlighted by miscommunications and the O-line savior, Gabe Carimi.  Cutler broke off his engagement to KC, but still could not shake scrutiny over his toughness from just about everyone who pays attention to football.  The Soldier Field turf rips at the seams, literally, cancelling family night.  Matt Forte wants more money and considers sitting out the preseason followed by Briggs asking for more money, otherwise he will seek a trade after the season.  Finally, the Bears have a failure to communicate, releasing Chester Taylor, but not really.

Did I miss anything?

Now take a moment to breath.

Now, let’s all move forward.  Watch the game tonight and enjoy watching the possible future of the Bears.  Guys like Sanzenbacher, Addison and Okoye look to be around this year, if not for a while.  I know this final preseason game means little, but when it is over, we can get back to enjoying football once again.

If I may quote Dr. Emmett Brown, “The future is looking a whole lot better…”