Bears and the Spread 2010

By Bart

So, my last couple of posts were more on the editorial side; let’s get back to my favorite discussion – football spreads.  If you read my last article, you may ask me if I can still be a fan.  I would simply answer by providing you with the immortal words of Homer Simpson to Lisa when discussing betting on football:  “You like ice cream, don’t you? But you like ice cream better when its covered in Hot Fudge, mounds of Whip Cream,  chopped nuts, and oh those little crumbled up cookie things they mash up, mmmmm crumbled-up cookie things.”  Lisa makes the connection that gambling just makes football better.  (Season 3 The Simpsons, Lisa the Greek – one of the best episodes EVER!)  I think that would sum up my opinion.

To start out the year, let’s review how our Beloved did last year.  I’m not talking about their record, we all know that they were 11-5.  We are going to see how the Bears did ATS -or what gamblers use as an abbreviation for Against the Spread.

OVERALL:  11-5 (previous years: 7-9, 9-7)

ATS: 9-6-1 (previous years: 6-10, 6-8-2)

At Soldier Field, the Bears were 4-4 ATS.  Interestingly enough, the Bears were favored 5 times at home (Detroit, Seattle, Washington, and Minnesota) and were underdogs 3 times at home (Green Bay, Philadelphia, New England).  The Bears were 2-1 when Underdogs at home, and 2-3 when favored at home.  They didn’t cover against Detroit (-6.5), Seattle (-6) – they lost, and Washington (-3) – they lost.  Now that I’m writing about those Seattle and Washington games, my anger is returning…RETURNING…..RETURNING.  Ok, deep breath.

So, I took a couple of days off to de-stress.  When I returned to do this post, I noticed my wife has thrown out my Football statistics magazine.  My anger is returning….RETURNING….RETURNING.  So, for the sake of hitting my self-imposed (and Boomer commanded) deadline, I’ll leave you with the Bears ATS at home summary.  However, if you do the Math, you can figure out that the Bears did well ATS on the road (5-2-1).  Do you remember who the ATS tie was with?  I do, and believe you me, I wasn’t happy that day either.

Overall, if you made friendly wagers, of let’s say, $100 with a friend last year on all of the Bears games (taking the Bears, of course), you would’ve come out $240 a head (obviously subtracting the 10% juice that your so-called friend tacks on).  That’s a good season, for the Bears and you!  Who’s with me this year?