Bear Goggles On Headed to New Orleans for Bears vs Saints


Hey Bears fans.  If you’re not seeing the usual outstanding coverage on the blog, it’s because myself and a couple of the staff writers will be heading down to the Big Easy for this weekend’s Bears game against the Saints.

If you’re a frequent and longtime visitor to this site, you may recall that every year a bunch of friends and I embark on a trip to watch a Bears road game.  That week is upon us as we’re packing up to head down to New Orleans for Bears vs Saints.  It should be a great weekend of fun and an excellent game between two of the NFC’s top contenders.

If you’re a Bears fan living in New Orleans or you’re heading down there too and have any suggestions for places to visit, great pre-game and post-game tailgating options, drop me a line at or you can tweet me @BearGogglesOn to give me a heads up.   And while you’re at it, follow my tweets throughout the weekend.  (I’ll try to keep them clean and coherent as much as I can, but no promises).