Gabe Carimi Injury: Rookie Will Miss Several Weeks

By Deez

The injury bug is quickly becoming a problem for the Chicago Bears.  ESPN’s Michael C. Wright reported that rookie right tackle Gabe Carimi dislocated his right knee during the second quarter of the game on Sunday.  This means that the Bears can expect to be without him for a few weeks.

The injury does not appear to be major, so hopefully the training staff will be able to rehab him quickly, because the Bears need all the help they can get on the offensive line.  Wright also noted that there does not appear to be any ligament damage, so a 2011 return is imminent.

This brings about a bigger concern:  Will more injuries show up this year due to a loss of conditioning time during the lockout and what problems will that lead to?

The Kansas City Chiefs (0-2, both bad losses) have lost three starters (running back Jamaal Charles, safety Eric Berry and tight end Tony Moeaki) for the year, and they appear to have little to no depth at most positions.  The Bears, compared to last year, have already dealt with more injuries to key guys.  So, it does appear that more injuries are happening, probably due to lack of conditioning as well as sloppy play.

This affects the Bears because they also have a glaring lack of depth.  Where will they be if they suffer any long-term injuries?

While there are major problems on the offensive line and at wide receiver, the secondary needs some help, along with the linebacker position.  Bears fans almost had a heart attack at the thought of Brian Urlacher missing this week’s game against the New Orleans Saints.  The trade deadline is about four weeks away, and I would be ecstatic if the Bears can make some kind of deal to shore up something, somewhere.

I’m not holding out much hope here, but changes are needed.  Maybe a guy or two can stir the pot enough to make a difference.  We are stuck with Angelo, Martz and Smith, so hopefully one of them realizes the need for changes in both play-calling as well as personnel.