The DeCon’s Fantasy Football Picks for Week 3


Week 2 in the books and I am still recovering from the BGO trip to New Orleans, so I am behind this week.  Aside from the game, New Orleans was great and hopefully Boomer will share some “edited” commentary on the trip that was.  Fortunately for me, my fantasy teams fared better than the Beloved in Week 2 as I dispatched with fellow BGO blogger, Bart, thanks to Vincent Jackson and Jeremy Maclin.  I am primed for my EPIC matchup against Boomer this week…I would like to say it will be a good game, but Boomer has limped into the season without any quality players in the RB slot, some of which might show up…on the other side…

Guys I Like

  1. Ryan Fitzpatrick vs New England – Everyone is waiting for this Harvard grad to come back to earth.  Did I mention he went to Harvard?  That seems like all the announcers want to talk about, but this kid has talent and he has the Bills rolling.  The NE pass defense has been carved up in 2 games, it is just fortunate for them, their O is that good to hide their blemishes on defense.
  2. Ryan Matthews vs Kansas City – KC is about 1 week from a complete implosion and being firmly put on Andrew Luck watch.  Matthews outshined Mike Tolbert last week and Tolbert is dealing with a calf issue, so when the Chargers go up big early, I expect them to finish them off with a large dose of Ryan Matthews and this could be the game that puts him on the fantasy map that we all thought he would get on last year.
  3. Jeremy Maclin vs NY Giants – Easy call after his career game last week, but Maclin seems to be over his preseason illness and looks absolutely SICK in the Philly offense.  With Vick back and playing this week, I expect the Eagles to carve up the hapless Giants secondary.
  4. Jordy Nelson @ Bears – Hate to have a Packer onthe list, but Nelson is becoming a favorite target of Aaron Rodgers.  My gut tells me that while the Bears pay close attention to Greg Jennings, Nelson will likely slip behind the Bears secondary that is still trying to cover Devery Henderson, for a long TD.
  5. Titans DST vs Denver – Don’t look now, but the Titans are rolling and C2KJ has not even gotten started yet.  Their defense has been stout and coming off a big win against the Ravens, I suspect they will give the Broncos all they can handle and more.

Guys I Don’t Like

  1. Fred Jackson vs New England – As bad as the Pats passing defense has been, their run defense has been fairly solid allowing less than 100 yards per game on the ground.  I think the Bills will be able to throw against the Pats, but FJax could be in a world of hurt in the rushing game.
  2. Ben Tate @ New Orleans – The Superdome is no joke and I witnessed it first hand last week.  I think the Texans will try to run early, but the Saints defense has been solid against the run allowing just over 80 yards per game.  Plus, I think this game will be an aerial show of epic proportions.
  3. Mike Sims-Walker vs Baltimore – MSW might be the #1 man in St. Louis right now, but Baltimore is coming off a tough loss to the Titans and will be looking to put Sam Bradford on his back.  I am sure you have a better option than MSW this week.  Right?
  4. Dexter McCluster @ San Diego – McCluster was likely a hot waiver wire add this week and if he qualifies as a WR in your league, he might be a sneaky play, but this kid is about as big as my 8 year old and I don’t think he will be able to carry the load for KC.  I almost think LeRon McClain or Jackie Battle may end up carrying the load for the Jamal Charles-less Chiefs.
  5. Dallas Clark vs Pittsburgh – Ole Dallas sans Peyton is not the must-start he used to be.  The Pittsburgh defense is nasty and I would be surprised if Indy scores more than 10 points in this game.

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