The DeCon’s Fantasy Football Picks – Week 4


Terribly busy week for me, but thank goodness, I have fantasy football.  For those of you wondering, Boomer narrowly beat me in our head to head fantasy football matchup.  H/T to Boomer, but YOU WILL LOSE next time!!!  Enough chit chat, check out my picks…on the other side…

Guys I Like

  1. Chris Johnson @ Cleveland – THIS IS THE WEEK!!!  C2KJ returns.  No Kenny Britt will mean more touches for CJ.  Buy low on him if you have an owner crazy enough to part with him.
  2. Eli Manning @ Arizona – I think the 4 TDs he had last week were a little above expectations, but against the 25th ranked AZ pass defense, I like my chances with young Eli.
  3. Saints DST @ Jacksonville – Blaine Gabbert was crapping down his leg last week against the Panthers in a monsoon.  I think the agressive Saints DST will take full advantage.
  4. Sidney Rice vs Atlanta – Call it a hunch, but Rice looked great in his first game back and Tavaris Jackson looked to him before anyone else.  Also, the ATL pass defense has shown it has a lot of holes in the secondary.
  5. James Starks vs Denver – With Ryan Grant out (the only positive thing the Bears did last week), Starks will be the lead dog in Green Bay this week.  Expect the Packers to jump out to a big lead and finish the game off with a whole lot of Starks.

Guys I Don’t Like

  1. Cam Newton @ Bears – Alright kid, this is where your fun ends…the Bears D will come to play against the rook and inflict some punishment along the way.
  2. Arian Foster/Ben Tate vs Pittsburgh – This is not about the Pittsburgh defense being as good as years past as much as it is about I have no idea which back will be worthwhile to start.  They could split carries evenly or it could slant heavily towards one or the other. 
  3. Reggie Wayne @ Tampa Bay – Ready for the Curtis Painter experience?  Sadly Wayne has becoming largely irrelevant for fantasy football purposes.  You simply can’t start him with Painter at the helm, on the road, against a sold Tampa Bay D.
  4. Shonn Greene @ Baltimore – My affinity towards Mr. Greene is fading by the day and against Baltimore???  No thanks.  I REALLY hope he proves me dead wrong.
  5. Denarius Moore vs New England – Don’t get me wrong, I like Moore a lot, but not this week as Jacoby Ford comes back into the mix and New England will look to atone for last week and plug the holes in its secondary.  Keep Moore around for sure, but I would look for other options this week.

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