Checking in on Our 2011 Bears Season Picks – First Quarter Review


To start the season, our staff writers predicted all 16 Bears games.   With the first quarter of the 2011 season in the books, I thought it would be a good time to check in on our predictions and see how close (or how far off) we all are looking at our 2-2 Bears.

Week 1 – win vs Atlanta

Boomer (1-0)

DeCon (1-0)

Bart (0-1)

Deez (1-0)

Shea (0-1)

Steiny (1-0)

Week 2 – loss at New Orleans

Boomer (2-0)

DeCon (2-0)

Bart (0-2)

Deez (2-0)

Shea (1-1)

Steiny (2-0)

Week 3 – loss vs Green Bay

Boomer (3-0)

DeCon (2-1)

Bart (0-3) – isn’t this guy supposed to be the site’s handicapping expert???

Deez (2-1)

Shea (1-2)

Steiny (3-0)

Week 4 – win vs Carolina

Boomer (4-0)

DeCon (3-1)

Bart (1-3)

Deez (3-1)

Shea (2-2)

Steiny (4-0)

I hate to go all Denny Green, but the BEARS ARE WE THOUGHT THEY WERE.

Or at least they’re who me and Steiny thought they were.  We both went 4-0 on our picks.

I’ve got the Bears going 2-2 in their second quarter, with road tests against Detroit, Tampa (in London) and Philadelphia while they should get a break with the lowly Vikings headed to Soldier Field.