Are You Ready for Some … Barry Sanders?

By Deez

In case you haven’t heard, Hank Williams Jr. will no longer be doing the Monday Night Football intro “All My Rowdy Friends” anymore.  His comments likening President Obama to Hitler sealed the deal on that.  So, according to Barry Sanders’ Twitter, “Ok, I admit it. I will be at MNF this week and doing the intro.”

No, he won’t be serenading Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions fans while dancing around in a cowboy hat.  ESPN will be running some kind of intro/highlight segment narrated by Sanders.  ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz went on to say, “This is the format we’ll likely use the remainder of the season. We haven’t made any decisions beyond that.”

Sounds pretty lame if you ask me.  Leave it to the Lions and Hank Williams Jr. to screw up Monday Night Football for everyone.  After over 20 years with Hank, we will now have to ‘get ready’ for a nice, formal narration when the Lions make their return to prime time.  I, for one, am disappointed.

Even Sunday Night Football brought on Faith Hill, scantily clad, singing a kickass, upbeat song that puts you in the mood for game time.  If not, at least you have something nice to look at.  I really hope that ESPN is just taking some time to write up a new song, because Monday nights won’t be the same without one.

And as good as Barry Sanders was, he’s a quitter.  He signed a long-term deal, quit and then refused to return any of the bonus money he was given.  He even claimed it was because of the culture of losing in Detroit.  So, then why did he sign a long-term deal?  I don’t get it.  You can keep your Barry Sanders.  I just hope the Bears can continue their Monday Night Football success (the Bears are 6-1 on Monday night with Lovie as head coach) this week.

If anyone has better suggestions for a MNF intro, I would love to hear them.