The Bears Should NOT Trade for Denver WR Brandon Lloyd


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CSN Chicago asks the question “Should the Bears Trade for Brandon Lloyd?”  My answer is simple – HELL NO!

If you watched last Monday night’s fiasco, you saw the multitude of holes up and down the Chicago Bears roster.   This is a stretch, but I am hoping/praying that Jerry Angelo will not be pulling the trigger on draft day 2012.  Rumors have swirled that he’s been thinking about retiring?  Maybe Ted Phillips let’s him save face and “retire” or maybe George McCaskey grows a pair and gets rid of the whole management team including Angelo.

If – and I know it’s a big IF – Jerry is watching the draft from his couch, it’s possible that a draft pick could actually be worth something.  I’m not sure what the asking price for a Brandon Lloyd would be, but if it’s higher than a 4th round pick, I’m not touching it with a 10 foot pole.

Don’t forget, Lloyd spent a year here in Chicago not that long ago in 2008.  In the 11 games he appeared in, he had 26 catches for 364 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Sure, Jay Cutler is a big upgrade in the quarterback, but I just don’t see Lloyd as anything more than a Band-Aid to try to help Angelo save his skin and his job.  I’d like to know what you think.  Vote below and post your comments in, uh well, the Comments section.