Bears vs Vikings – Game Day Open Thread


It’s Bears vs Vikings, where the loser is likely done for any chance for postseason play.  It’s not a death sentence, but given that the Packers have moved to 6-0 and the Lions are about to go no worse than 5-1 (it’s touch and go at the time of this writing).

For the Bears, on offense Objective #1 is to protect Jay Cutler while on the defensive key is to stop Adrian Peterson.  Still unsure about Julius Peppers’ status, but if he doesn’t go, it could be a long day for the Beloved.  With the starting safeties benched, it will be up to Chris “Don Bearzini” Conte and Major “Liability” Wright.  The last time this safety combo was on the field together as the last line of defense, Devery Henderson was running all to way to Baton Rouge on a Drew Brees bomb.

For the Vikings, they’ll be looking to shut down Matt Forte and give NFL sack leader Jared Allen a few free runs at Jay Cutler.  On the other side of the ball, it’s got to be Adrian Peterson because Donovan McNabb is all but done, although he’s had success at Soldier Field.

Post your comments and thoughts below as the game unfolds.  Vent – you’ll feel better!