Streaker Doesn’t Go Fully Monty at Wembley


Here’s something the Fox cameras didn’t show you on Sunday – a streaker at Wembley Stadium.  I haven’t seen a lamer streaker since George Costanza’s “bodysuit man” on Seinfeld when a British “streaker” took to the pitch during the Chicago Bears’ 24-18 win over the Bucs at Wembley Stadium on Sunday.  Aren’t you supposed to go “full monty” as the locals say?

Check out the video after the jump.

Here’s my question – why didn’t anyone from either team tackle this bozo?  Not their jurisdiction?

Back in the good old days, Ditka or Butkus wouldn’t buried that guy so fast he would’ve woken up in the English Channel.  Heck, Craig Steltz ducked out of his way.

And Corey Graham high-fived the guy.

I guess this sort of activity shouldn’t come as a surprise – the Brits even busted out the wave.  How 80’s of them.  Did Duran Duran do the halftime show?