Matt Forte Named Peter King’s Midseason Offensive MVP


Peter King’s midseason predictions, All Pro Team and awards were just released and two Chicago Bears were listed as midseason All-Pros.  Matt Forte was not only named King’s All Pro Running back with the comment from King: 

"On pace to surpass 950 receiving yards, a figure reached by RB’s only three times, and to gain more yards from scrimmage (2,494) than Marshall Faulk or LaDanian Tomlinson ever did."

More notably, Forte gets King’s nod for offensive MVP:

"Fudging a bit here since Rodgers is so clearly ahead of the rest, but Forte deserves a nod for gaining 5.73 yards per touch when everyone knows he’s getting it all day."

King also gives a shout out to the Ridiculous One, Devin Hester, who is his All Pro Punt Returner:

"With a punt and a kick return for touchdown in the first seven games, Hester is polishing his resume for immortalville. Remains a mystery why anyone would kick to the man."

Let’s hope King’s predictions are off, because he’s got the Bears missing the playoffs, with the Packer, Lions, Niners, Saints, Eagles and Falcons as the NFC representatives.