Keys to a Chicago Bears Victory over the Philadelphia Eagles


It’s been a while since the Bears took a meaningful snap in hostile territory.  Like all the way back to October 10th at Ford Field against the Lions and we all remember how that turned out.  Here are the keys to a Bears victory over the Eagles on Monday Night Football.

Use Eagles’ Aggressiveness Against Them

Jason Babin and Trent Cole lead an aggressive defensive line that wants to get up the field and put the quarterback on his backside.  Mike Martz needs to use that aggressiveness against them.  Fire a few screen at them.  Then mix in a few counter and trap plays to have their momentum working against them.

Take the Ball Away

Paging Peanut Tillman. Paging Peanut Tillman.  If you have any ball punches that you’ve been saving up, please use them tonight.  If the Bears want to win, they’ve got to get McCoy, Jackson and Maclin to cough up a couple.  I’d also like to see DJ Moore do his best Mike Brown impression with a Johnny-on-the-spot interception.

Standard Recipe for Vick

The Bears have historically controlled Michael Vick.  No reason to change what’s been working.  Limit his deep downfield options and frustrate him into completing a bunch of short passes.   When he gets impatient, he turns it over.  Don’t change a thing with your scheme.

Check your Stupid at the Door

False Start Frankie is back on the bench where he belongs, but the Bears’ offensive line cannot afford to commit dumb penalties like they did last time they were in noisy atmosphere at Ford Field.   If the Bears play a “clean” game and minimize their errors, they can win.

X Factor

If you compare rosters, the Eagles should take this one running away, but that’s why they play the games.  Everyone knows that the Bears will be getting the ball to Matt Forte, so I’m concerned that the Eagles will take him out of it.  The Bears need an X factor to step up and share some of the offensive burden.

The Eagles’ corners are All-World, so don’t expect Knox, Hester or Williams to do a lot of damage in the passing game; they have a tough enough time against average coverage.  I’m calling for Kellen Davis to be an X factor for the Bears offense to pick up a few key first downs.  Also look out for Marion Barber, who faced the Eagles regularly as a member of the Cowboys, to provide some tough running.