Bears vs Lions Part Two – 5 Questions with SideLion Report


It’s Bears vs Lions Part 2.  The Bears are looking to exact a little revenge after an embarrassing Monday Night Football loss about a month ago.  I’ve already concluded that the Bears have an easier schedule in the second half of the season, so a win that would pull the Bears even with the Lions for the Wild Card is crucial.  To help us get prepared for this epic battle, we reached out to our buddy Zac Snyder from SideLion Report to handle our 5 Questions

1. The Lions and Bears seems to be going in opposite directions since the Lions’ impressive Monday Night win a few weeks ago.  The Bears have gone 3-0 with solid performances and a growing confidence while the Lions lost two straight after they beat the Bears before scoring a big win in Denver ahead of their Week 9 bye.  Has the Lions’ confidence been shaken since they lost a couple of games?  Is a team with Detroit’s history more susceptible to a second half collapse?

The Lions lost to two good teams in the Falcons and 49ers following their Monday Night Football win over the Bears. While the losses are disappointing, they aren’t enough to derail these Detroit Lions. I think some fans maybe susceptible to falling into thinking that a collapse may be on the way but the vast majority of the team and coaches haven’t been around Detroit long enough for that to be a worry.

2. Big plays by Calvin Johnson and Jahvid Best keyed the Lions’ victory in Week 5.  Ever since, the Bears have shuffled their safeties to prevent these breakdowns.  Do you think the Bears can shut down the Lions’ big plays on Sunday?    

I don’t know about shut down but the Bears will have to minimize them to win. You have to expect Calvin Johnson to put up big numbers – the challenge will be to keep him out of the end zone and keeping others from having big games.

3. It looks like the Lions will be without Best again on Sunday.  Do you think he’s done for the season?  Who picks up the slack for the Lions offense in his absence?

It’s really tough to say if Best will play again this season. The coaching staff talks like he will be back at some point but concussions are so unpredictable. Lions fans have already seen linebacker Justin Durant practice all week after returning from a concussion but miss the game on Sunday because he woke up the day before with more symptoms. Maurice Morris has taken up most of the slack in Best’s absence. Keiland Williams has also seen action and the Lions brought Kevin Smith back this week and he may get a chance to play as well.

4. Do you think there’s any chance that Jim Schwartz gets into after the game with Lovie Smith like he did with Jim Harbaugh a few weeks ago?  

Jim Schwartz will do what he needs to do to defend himself or his team. He clearly reacted to something that Harbaugh said or did rather than instigating the event himself. It doesn’t seem to be in Lovie’s character to stir the pot so don’t expect any fireworks between the coaches on Sunday.

5. What’s your outlook for the game?  Don’t forget the score.

I like the Lions coming off the bye week. It came at a good time to heal some of the natural bumps and bruises that accumulate over an NFL season. As such, the Lions should be sharp but it won’t be an easy game. Lions 23, Bears 20 in overtime.

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