Keys to a Chicago Bears Victory over the Kansas City Chiefs


The Bears should win this game against the Kansas City Chiefs.  The Bears need to win this game.  If Jay Cutler were playing, there wouldn’t be much debate, but Caleb Hanie is the great equalizer.  Let’s jump right in to the keys to victory for the Bears vs the Chiefs.

Keep Streaking

The Chiefs have gone weeks/months without scoring an offensive touchdown.  Kidding aside, I think it’s been 3 games since the Chiefs have scored a touchdown.  Sunday can’t be the end to that streak.  Whether it’s Tyler Palko or Kyle Orton, the Bears need to pummel the Chiefs quarterbacks.  Palko will toss a few interceptions the Bears’ way, so it’ll be key for Corey Graham to be ready to keep his interceptions streak going.

Make It Hanie’s

After a full game under his belt, the Bears know what Caleb Hanie can offer.  It’s time to make this offense his.  Jay Cutler may or may not be coming back so it’s up to Mike Martz to tailor a game plan to suit Hanie.  Get him on the move.  Don’t expect him to throw the same bullets that Cutler does.  Mix in some more runs.

What’s our Forte again?

Where have all the #PayForte people been lately?  As a matter of fact, where has Matt Forte been lately?  I don’t know if he’s injured or if other teams are scheming better around him or what is going on, but it’s time for him to step up again.  The Bears are known for running the ball and it’s high time they get back to doing it.  I expect to see more of Marion Barber to keep Forte fresh and soften up opposing defenses.

Grind it Out

This game gives me a 16-12 kind of feel, so it’s up to the Bears to be in grind mode.  No sloppy mistakes.  No botched snaps.  No turnovers.  The Chiefs aren’t going to score a lot, so there’s no need to give them a short field to work with.  Limit mistakes and make a few plays and the Bears should pull away.