Matt Forte Sprains MCL, Likely Out 2-4 Weeks


If you thought the loss of Jay Cutler was a rough one to get over for the Bears offense, it just got a little tougher.  After a helmet to the knee in the Bears’ 10-3 pathetic loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, it is being reported that Bears running back Matt Forte sprained the MCL in his right knee and will miss time.  I’ve heard as little as 2 weeks and heard as much as season-ended.  2 weeks could be the season if the Bears can’t rally in his absence.

I heard that this is an injury that is similar to the one that Julius Peppers has been playing on for a few weeks, but playing defensive end is a lot different than playing running back.  Forte will need to be able to plant and cut on that bum knee.  Can he make it back in time to help the Bears make the playoffs?  Despite their loss to the Chiefs, the Bears still hold the 5th seed and the top Wild Card spot.

Do you think Forte regrets leaving a reported $15 million in guaranteed money on the table?  It’s a damn shame that this kid hurt his knee and I really hope that this injury doesn’t hurt his chance for a lucrative new contract.