Jerry Angelo Angrily Defends Bears Process in Sam Hurd Situation


Friday was moving day for Sam Hurd.  It was time to move on from the Chicago Bears and it was time to move on from his federal prison cell.  At least temporarily on the prison cell part.  Something tells me he’ll be making an extended stay at the grey bar motel before long.   Hurd posted $100,000 cash bond- peanuts for a drug kingpin – and is free upon agreeing to surrender his passport and any firearms.  The next step for him is a grand jury hearing and a trip to Texas, where the complaint was filed by the US attorney.

As far as Hurd’s professional career, it is over with the Chicago Bears.  A fiery Jerry Angelo addressed reporters during a Friday afternoon news conference where he announced the Bears were cutting Hurd and defended the Bears’ process of vetting free agents.

Check out the video clip of Jerry defending the Bears’ “mythology” for vetting free agents:

Leave it to Jerry Malaprop messing up “methodology”.  I’m gonna miss him when he retires.

Yes, if you thought the retirement rumors were simmering before, they’re churning up to a full boil after this latest apparent front office embarrassment.    When pressed on the question of his job status in the wake of the Hurd arrest, Angelo told a reporter “Whistle Dixie” which I think is a polite and antiquated way to tell someone to F off.  Here’s more Jerry.

"“We have a very sound and tested methodology that we go about researching all players in college to veteran free agents,” Angelo said. “We spend an inordinate amount of time on character, making sure we know the player as well as we can.“But no system is foolproof. For me to say we should have known something that we didn’t know, I can’t say that in this case. There’s no foundation for anybody to say that. There are no facts, there are no flags that anybody could present tangibly to say we should have known otherwise.“I want to make that perfectly clear to the public, to our fans. … We did everything you could possibly do given the information (we had).”"

Which part of their system did they use on Tank Johnson?  Or Cedric Benson?  I hate to say it, but for a team that emphasizes character, the Bears have had 3 pretty big misses on Jerry’s watch.