Lovie Smith’s Season Ending Press Conference Full of Excuses


Lovie Smith did his usual song and dance to tie a ribbon around the Chicago Bears’ 2011 season.  It was typical Lovie drivel, full of double-speak, no-speak and excuses.  He even got a “when you get off the bus running” when referring to this team’s 2000+ yard rushing season, only the second time the Bears have accomplished the feat since 1990.  It’s frustrating as hell to listen to, but you know you want to.  Hit the jump and check out the video clip on the other side.

Aside from the “bus running line” my favorite moment was when Lovie was apparently asked about missing the playoffs 4 out of the last 4 seasons at about the 7:10 mark.  Lovie drops into his own press conference version of the Cover-2.  Lovie turns it around and tells the reporter that his defense to that is that the team has made it in 1 of the last 2 seasons.  Really Lovie?  Do you actually believe the crap that comes out of your mouth?  I don’t.

Let me circle back to the running game that Lovie so proudly touts.  Is that really the identity that Mike Martz brings to the table as offensive coordinator?  Lovie falls just short of saying “we’ll need to look at the film” when asked about Martz’s status.   If the Bears want to be a smash-mouth running time, why did they trade for Jay Cutler?  Why do they have Mike Martz calling the shots for the offense?  It’s definitely a nice milestone to reach, but has Lovie seen what else is going on in this league?  Teams are routinely putting up 40 points a game.  Passing records are dropping like flies and we’re puffing our chests out about the T-formation.

This speaks to the overall lack of a “Bears way of doing things.”  When Theo Epstein signed on with the Cubs, he talked about unifying the Cubs and creating a Cubs way of doing things throughout the entire organization.  The Bears should be picking Theo’s brain and instill some consistency through the organization.  The way they scout players; the way those players are coached; the identity that this team wants to project.

Sorry, my Lovie Smith press conference post took an unexpected turn into ragging on the Bears’ corporate culture, but as I listened to Lovie-speak, it just got me going.  I can’t wait to see what Jerry Angelo has to say for himself and the state of the team later this week.