Mike Tice Promoted to Offensive Coordinator for the Bears


Well, the hits just keep on coming…Bears.com is reporting that Mike Tice will succeed Mike Martz as the Bears new offensive coordinator.  The report also indicates that Tice will retain his coaching position with the offensive live similar to how DC Rod Marinelli handles the defensive line.  While I am happy for Tice, because he could have been gone for a similar role somewhere else, I am baffled how the team can make these decisions sans a GM and expect any GM worth a damn to want to inherit these guys.  Reggie McKenzie, of the Packers is out as a GM candidate as he was hired by the Raiders.  I thought that was the only guy who made sense because of his relationship with Lovie, but alas, I fear we are destined for a cracker jack GM as opposed to a great football mind.

Back to Tice, he certainly is experienced and he has done an excellent job making chicken salad out of chicken S**T with our offensive line.  His pedigree is akin to Lovie’s mantra of “get off the bus running” and that is certainly appealing and the antithesis of the Martz offense.  With a franchise QB like Jay Cutler at the helm, can Tice get creative enough with the passing game to allow his talent to shine?  Also, one minor thing, will he be able to be in the booth calling plays (where most OCs sit) and still be hands on enough with the offensive line?

What do you all think?

CAN I GET AN AMEN?!?!?!?!?!

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