Handicapping NFL PLAYOFFS: Picks of the Week


No snow on the ground here in Chicago, unbelievable Spring-like weather in January?  WTH?  The smell (nasty) of baseball is in the air so that could only mean one thing:  NFL PLAYOFFS!  Just as I wrote that, I tried to think of my favorite Sports times of the year, and this definately is up there.  Also ranking:  March Madness, NHL/NBA playoffs (only when both the Bulls and Hawks are in it), and Baseball opening day (when the Cubs aren’t projected to lose 90-95 games).  It’s hard to rank them, because they are all enjoyable times of the year.  However, NFL PLAYOFFS simply are the best, even when our Beloved are watching them right along with us.  This Wildcard Weekend is comprised of 4 very good games, even if the games don’t turn out great.  Houston finally making it and making it with 4 QBS at the helm throughout the season (ahem, Bears).  Whether or not they “backed” in, they had to play well enough over the course of 16 games to make it .  The Bengals led by their young QB Dalton aren’t peaking either at this time, making it a pretty even matchup.  The Lions and Saints game is predicted to be much like the recent ROSE BOWL (and wow, some of the college bowls this year were fantastic as well).  Will a Defense be on the field today?  Tomorrow, we’ll get to watch the final collapse of the Tebow magic making it an interesting off-season for the Broncos.  Finishing it up will be a coin toss game.  Two unpredictable teams, the Giants and Falcons are squaring up in the Meadowlands.  Cruz vs. Jones, Manning vs. Ryan, Thunder/Lightning vs. Turner.  Can Giants D-Line control the game or will Ryan be able to pick apart their secondary?  Will Eli continue to have his awesome year?  Will the Giants or Atlanta come out and flop like they have in so many games this year?  Regardless of your rooting interest, if you are a football fan, it will be an enjoyable weekend.


I had just written a week before that I was waiting for that 4-1 or 5-0 week. Well, it came after long last bringing me pretty close to 500 – at least giving me the opportunity to be up after the playoffs with wise picks.  I’m going to keep this short since I have to go, but I went 3-0 on my picks.  The Eagles, Ravens, and Falcons all took care of business and I didn’t have to sweat out much.  My goodness, the Bucs were atrocious.  I failed again on my upset special, which earlier in the year I was better on.  I really thought that Carolina would keep a little more pace with the Saints offensively.  Lastly, the Bears helped me get to 500 in my Beloved picks.  They had to beat the Viqueens, simply had to.


Cincinnati +4 @ Houston –I like Cinci upsetting Houston at home.  They both haven’t been playing well as of late, but Houston struggles putting up points and Cinci has a solid Defense.  Most Offenses become a little more conservative in the playoffs and I feel that the OCs for both Houston and Cinci won’t put too much pressure on their rookie QBs, especially earlier in the game.  Look for a lot of punts, field position game, and a play or two that determines the outcome of this game. I especially like 4 more than 3 just in case a field goal is the difference.

New Orleans -10.5 vs Detroit –it will be a shootout, but one that Brees and the Saints are more accustomed to being in.  If Flynn can put up 500 yds vs. Detroit’s Defense…..New Orleans can run, Detroit can’t.  New Orleans can run, Detroit can’t defend.

Pittsburgh -8 vs. Denver – Tebow magic is over.  Denver won’t put up more than 10 points.  It was a good storyline while it lasted.  Thanks for coming.

New York -3 vs Atlanta –what a great game to finish the weekend.  This game would be easier to pick if these teams played a little more consistently, but they don’t.  The home field advantage dictates the winner – if this game were in Atlanta – I’d take them….but it’s not….so I won’t.

SEASON TOTALS: PICK 3 (22-23-1); UPSET SPECIAL (6-8); BELOVED (7-7); TOTAL: (35-38-1)