McCaskeys Might Have to Sell Bears and Other Bears Thoughts


ProFootball Weekly Editor in Chief Hub Arkush joined Boer and Bernstein on 670 The Score to do his weekly Bears hit on Tuesday evening.  Hub was especially on point and brought some really interesting insights.  Have a listen:


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The biggest revelation for me came when Hub mentioned that the McCaskeys might be forced to sell the team when family matriarch Virginia eventually passes. Why?  Because the Bears are valued at roughly $1 billion and the 11 kids who are inheriting the team would have to come up with a combined $300 million to pay the taxes on that hefty inheritance.   While I think we all secretly dream about the McCaskeys selling the team, but I find it hard to envision the NFL without the Halas bloodlines with a hand in the Bears.

Hub was also 100% on point about the role that George took in last week’s presser and who is really in charge for the Bears – the money man Ted Phillips.   When you consider the decisions the Bears are making, like the apparent Tim Ruskell promotion that seems to be gaining momentum, it’s all about the money.  The Bears still owe Jerry Angelo like $5 million, so they don’t want to go drop big bucks on another high priced GM.  They’ll save a few shekels and bump Ruskell up at minimum added money.

For the McCaskeys, it’s about the money, not about the winning.