Mike Tice Shares His Vision for the Chicago Bears Offense


In case you missed it, here’s the propaganda video the Bears posted on their website where Tom Thayer interviews new offensive coordinator Mike Tice to share his vision for what the Bears offense will look like under his guidance.

Check out my comments after the jump.

Everything sounds good on the surface.  We hear about Jay being comfortable, protecting him and using his talents that made him successful in Denver.  Those are good.

We hear about being an explosive running team and a power running team.  I only hope that they are running the ball to run out the clock.  I think the “get off the bus running” paradigm has shifted.  You should be running to get back on the bus, when you’re protecting a lead.

A red flag that was raised for me was when Tice described how “we’ll take what the defense gives us” or something to that effect.  That’s not what I want out of my new offense.  I want the offense to dictate what opposing defense will do.  Here’s what we’re doing, come try to stop us.  I want to ram it down people’s throats like the Saints and the Packers and Patriots  do.

And all of this becomes moot if they don’t get a solid “passing game coordinator” and if they don’t get some weapons for Cutler.

What do you think?  Do you have high hopes for the offense under Tice or will it be, meet the new offense, same as the last?