Handicapping Conference Championship Games


Well, if you read my post during the week, you know where I stand. I’m again busy this week, up in Packerland for my kids’ swim meet. With questionable Wifi, armed with my IPad, I’m only going to do an abbreviated post. I will tell you, however, it is rather amusing walking around in WI after their collapse last week. Not much said as I walk around in my Bears gear. I can’t say much, but they sure as he’ll know they can’t either. Oh well, onto the games:

Ravens +7 @ New England @. OVER 50 – you know I’ve touted
them as my Superbowl winner all year and I’m not bailing on the Ravens now. It’s not going to be easy, but they have
the best shot to slow down NEs Offense. Notice I didn’t say
stop. Here’s the thought by Vegas – NE 28- Balt 21. First of all, Baltimore will score more than 21. New England’s
Defense looked good last week because they were playing
Denver for a second time. New England will put up 24-27
points. Hence I like the over and like Baltimore getting 7
points. I’m not sure they’ll win, but hoping they do. This
won’t be a blowout like last week

San Fran -2 vs Giants & OVER 41.5 – I picked the Giants right against Atlanta and wrong vs GB. They have gotten good since healing up, but they are always one game away fro. Laying an egg. This isn’t GBs Defense, so they will struggle more offensively. This will be a 3-7 pt differential game and SFs home field advantage will help. I know the Packers did it last year, but it’s not easy to be on the road 3 weeks in a row and win. This is the week it catches up with the G-men. Eli will have to carry this team as the 49ers shut down the Giants ground game. Alex Smith has also gained tremendous confidence and the 49ers will win this will a balanced offensive attack. 24-20 49ers win.