Friday Fun Day – Chicago Bears Pro Bowl Trivia

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Who is the Chicago Bear with the most trips to the Pro Bowl?

Mike Singletary went to 10 Pro Bowls for the Bears from 1983 – 1992.

Which current member of the Bears has the most Pro Bowl selections as a Bear?  How many?

Brian Urlacher leads the way with 8 selections. Lance Briggs is next with 7 selections.

Who was the last Chicago Bears wide receiver to be selected to the Pro Bowl as a wide receiver?  (Hint – that means Hester and Knox are not eligible, since they were selected as returners.)

Marty Booker went to the Pro Bowl in 2002.  The only other receiver that went was Dick Gordon, who went in 1970 and 1971.

Before Matt Forte, who was the last Chicago Bears running back to go to the Pro Bowl?

Neal Anders went to 4 Pro Bowls from 1988-1991.  Walter Payton went to 9 Pro Bowls from ’76-’80 and ’83 – ’86.

How many kickers have represented the Chicago Bears in Pro Bowls?

Only Robbie Gould, who represented the Bears in 2006.  (I would have thought that Kevin Butler would have made a trip in his lengthy career as a member of the Bears.)

Who was the last quarterback to represent the Bears in the Pro Bowl?

Not surprisingly, it was Jim McMahon following the 1985 season.  Before Mac, Billy Wade represented the Bears in 1963.  I guess we’re due if we get one Pro Bowl quarterback every 20 years or so.