Phil Emery Arrives at Halas Hall (Video)


In case you have to ask, this video is not a joke and was not made by high school kids for a mid-term project.  This propaganda puff piece was posted on the Bears’ official website documenting the arrival of new GM Phil Emery.  One can only assume that this is right before Emery and Phillips “mutually agreed” to give Tim Ruskell his walking papers.

I love the uncomfortably long man hug between Emery and Phillips.  Like the hug you give your long-lost best friend from high school whom you haven’t seen in 20 years.  Is this sort of hugging commonplace at Halas Hall?

Save this video in the archives and we can play it backwards to show Emery chased out of town in about 3 years with his hug-buddy Ted Phillips close behind.