Phil Emery Look-Alike Contest


The Bears officially announced Phil Emery as their new GM. Ever since they announced him as a candidate, it’s been gnawing at me – “Who does this guy look like?” Here are my candidates for the Phil Emery Look-Alike contest, after the jump.

A young Ross Perot

Something about those ears on Emery reminds me of the cooky former Presidential candidate.

Lurch from the Addams Family

Show me a black and white of Emery and I’ll show you Lurch from the old school Addams Family.

Character Actor Chelcie Ross

Whether you remember him from his role as junkballer Eddie Harris in Major League, George in Hoosiers, Dan Devine in Rudy or as I remembered him as Senator Calvin Baynard in The Last Boy Scout, I think this is my winner. The bonus? He currently resides in Chicago.

Who does Emery remind you of?

If you vote Other or have some other ideas, shoot me your suggestions in the Comments and I’ll update the post with a few more favorites.