Is Another Football Team Coming to Chicago?


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You have to consider the source, but according to this exclusive Deadspin post a new football league called the SPFL – Spring Professional Football League – is coming in the Spring of 2013.  Chicago is among the eight cities they’re targeting for a franchise:

"According to its own forecasts, the SPFL, whose management includes a number of former XFL and NFL Europe executives, will debut in 2013 with eight teams playing a 14- to 16-week season. The summary lists the cities under consideration as New York, Washington, Memphis, Orlando, Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Denver, Dallas, Phoenix, Houston, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Teams would be centrally owned by the league, a la Major League Soccer."

No need to worry Bears fans, the SPFL’s business model is not to compete with the NFL for players, which ultimately doomed the USFL.  Then again, with the number of street free agents the Bears have, there could be some competition.

Would you watch another football league?  For me, as long as they’re not tearing up Soldier Field, I’m fine with it.   What do you think?