Welcome to Indianapolis, Center of Football Universe


The football universe has descended on Indianapolis, where it will reside for the next couple of months.  Starting this week, fans of the Patriots and Giants and football fans and media the world over have begun filling area hotels for the hype surrounding Super Bowl XLVI.  But the fun doesn’t stop on this Sunday 0n February 5th.  Heck no; the fun is just beginning.

At the end of February, the NFL Scouting Combine will take place at Lucas Oil Stadium too where we’ll poke, prod, measure and dissect every college kid within a 200 mile radius.  Besides the draft itself, it’s become the highlight of the offseason.

I feel like a Ginsu knife commercial when I say this; “but wait, there’s more!”  If that wasn’t enough, there’s the entire Peyton Manning saga, so the biggest question of the offseason will be “Is Peyton finished in Indy or finished altogether?”  Not bad for a state known for college basketball and corn fields, huh.