Matt Forte Reverses Field on Franchise Tag


Matt Forte is making the rounds on Radio Row at the Super Bowl this week and he found his way to the Waddle and Silvy Show on Thursday.  He talked about his contract status and the new Bears GM.

"“It depends on the motive of (the franchise tag),” Forte said Thursday on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on WMVP-AM 1000. “If they are doing the franchise tag just to get more time in order to negotiate a long-term deal, then I would be OK with it. But, if it’s just to hold me another year and just, ‘Let’s throw some money at him right now to keep him quiet,’ that’s not going to solve anything.”"

Sounds to me like Forte is reversing field and starting to accept the inevitable – he is going to get tagged.  It’s in contrast to his previous stance about kinda, sorta threatening to hold out or “being hard to find” if he were to get tagged.

He’s hoping that new Bears GM will be a positive step toward getting a new deal done.  I’m not counting on it since it looks like the Bears’ money man Ted Phillips has his mind made up on this one.  Phillips stated on the same Waddle and Silvy this week that “We don’t have any intention of letting Matt hit the open market. We’ll sit down with him privately, Phil will, and discuss what the plans are prior to the Feb. 20 franchise tag date.”

Either way Forte is about to be a very rich dude with at least $8 million coming his way.  Not too shabby.