Roy Williams, The Chicago Bears Biggest Mistake of 2011


NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert named his Best and Worst of the NFC North in 2011 and Chicago Bears wide receiver Roy Williams was co-winner of the Biggest Mistake in the division.  Here’s Seifert:

"Biggest mistake II: Roy Williams, Bears receiverComment: Williams’ shaky hands and questionable effort made the Bears’ preseason hopes for him laughable. At least one of his drops, near the end zone against the Kansas City Chiefs, played a big role in a huge defeat."

He’s joined by Vikings quarterback Donovan McNabb as the biggest mistake in the division.

It was Mike Martz who bet big on Williams and that big bet cost the Bears big time.  Roy Will was supposed to be a veteran presence and help boost the Bears wide receiver corp.   So the Bears will go into another offseason searching for that elusive #1 wide receiver.