Two Veterans the Chicago Bears Must Cut


We’re getting geared up for Free Agency and we’ve already touched on the Chicago Bears’ free agent class and projected the status for each but there are a couple of vets that are still under contract for the upcoming season that need to be given the boot.  They haven’t produced and their 2012 salary cap figures makes them especially expendable.

Marion Barber

This is as much of a slam dunk as you’ll find.  Barber completes the trifecta of failed Cowboys free agents along with Roy Williams and Sam Hurd.  He may have single-handedly cost the Bears their season with his miserable performance in Denver.  His $2.875 million 2012 cap figure should make it that much easier to send the Barberian back from whence he came.  On the bright side, Broncos fans adore him.

Frank Omiyale

New Bears GM Phil Emery will be wise to dispatch another of Jerry Angelo’s free agent mistakes from a couple of years ago.  Frank Omi-god has been a colossal failure for the Bears.  He’s never been able to be even serviceable along the offensive line.  The Bears have tried to plug him in at various spot on the line to try to plug holes due to injury or just plain lack of depth and he hasn’t been up to the task.  His price tag of $2.9 million for 2012 is a great reason to put him on the next bus out of town.

What do you think?  Are either of these guys worth keeping around?  Anyone else that the Bears should cut ties with before the Free Agent Frenzy hits in a few weeks?