Which Chicago Bear Would You Like to See On Dancing With the Stars?


It seems like every season an NFL Player gets to strut their stuff on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars.  In the upcoming season, division rival’s Green Bay Packer Donald Driver will be cha cha-ing and samba-ing his way into America’s hearts.  It got me to thinking,

“Which Chicago Bears player would be a good candidate to compete against C-list celebrities and washed up reality stars?”  Here are my candidates:

Lance Briggs

I picked Briggs over Urlacher because he’s got a little more personality and I just find Urlacher would be a little too stiff to do well in the competition.

Julius Peppers

Can you picture the 6’7″ 290 pound Peppers spinning one of those little ballroom dancers around?  Me too.

Devin Hester

The speedy Hester would have the moves to out-juke the competition.  The only question is could his partner keep up?

Lovie Smith

If you think his press conferences are boring, the monotone, sleepy Smith would be the perfect cure for insomnia.

 Jay Cutler

Every TV show needs a villain and Cutty would play the role perfectly on DWTS.  He is used to getting his body language judged anyway, so he’s be used to the judges tell him about his slumping shoulders.  Plus his baby-mama Kristin Cavallari has experience on the show, so she could give her man some pointers.

Who would you like to see in one of those creepy outfits spinning and twirling on national TV?  Hit it up in the Comments.