Chicago Bears 2012 Draft Advice from the DeCon


Hey gang, I have been on sabbatical since the season ended.  It is only now I can resign my self to the fact that if the Bears had a quality #2 QB behind Jay Cutler, things may have turned out a whole lot differently in 2011, but alas, here we are in the throngs of a new “safe” GM, a tagged Matt Forte, oodles of cash under the cap and the 2012 NFL Draft on tap in less than 2 months.  In that vain, I figured it would be a good time to give the Bears some advice on what they should do in round 1 of the NFL Draft…follow me to the other side for advice that will surely be ignored…but should it???

The Bears find themselves with the 19th pick in the NFL Draft this year and while the needs are endless, I find it hard to believe the Bears will find an impact player for the 2012 season, so why not restock the cupboards for the future.  I mean with $28M or so under the cap, the Bears should use that money on free agents that have a better chance of making the Bears a contender in 2012.

With the key pieces of the defense all on the wrong side of 30, the Bears need to look at the future of their defense.  Specifically, I think they should target the heir apparent to Brian Urlacher.  I love Lach, but he likely only has 2-3 quality seasons left in him and since the Bears are known for their history at the MLB position, there is no better player to continue that legacy than one Luke Kuechly from Boston College.

The kid has all the measurables, 6’2, 235lbs and had more than 500 tackles in three seasons at Boston College.  He also fits the bill as a quality individual with impecable character, something the Bears brass typically looks for.  Finally, the kid, by all accounts, LOVES football.  Sounds like something to get excited about, eh?

A recent mock draft by Dan Durkin at CBS Chicago has Kuechly going at pick #15 to the Philadelphia Eagles, a mere 4 picks before the Beloved.  But, I told you I had some advice and the Bears SHOULD move up in the draft to nab him.  Based on the NFL Draft pick value chart, the Bears pick #19 is valued at 875 points.  Remember, the Bears also have the Panthers 3rd round pick, which should be pick #73 which is valued at 225 points.  Some quick math tells me those 2 picks add up to 1,100 which is equivalent to the value of pick #14, currently held by the Dallas Cowboys.  You know Jerry Jones likes to wheel and deal, so trading picks 19 and 73 for 14 should be doable and perhaps the Bears could get 13 or even 12 as the NFL Draft pick value chart is only a guide.  In doing so, the Bears could add some depth at a position of need that only has 2 true starters with Urlacher and Lance Briggs and allow Kuechly some time to adapt to the NFL game.  Makes perfect sense to me, but will the Bears do it???  That, my friends, is the million dollar question.

What do you all think???

CAN I GET AN AMEN?!?!?!?!?!

The DeCon has spoken, so let it be written, so let it be done…