Marshawn Lynch Contract Sets Bar for Forte Deal


Matt Forte got his Franchise Tag on Friday night, but another running back that was facing a tag got a 4-year contract on Sunday before Monday’s deadline.  The Seattle Seahawks and Marshawn Lynch agreed to terms on a 4-year deal worth $31 million with $18 in guaranteed money.  It’s another deal that sets the bar for a potential long-term deal between Forte and the Bears.

All along Matt Forte has expressed his desire to get a long term deal with the Bears, but he turned down a reported $13-14 million last offseason.  As more of these other running backs ink long-term deals, it’s becoming more apparent that a long-term deal will be difficult to broker.

Let’s throw out the Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson deals; they are in a class all their own.  But when you hear that Lynch gets $18 million in guaranteed money, it makes it hard to believe the Bears will up their offer substantially to meet the market.  It had been reported that Forte was seeking the type of deal that the Panthers signed with DeAngelo Williams – $21 million guaranteed in a 5 year $43 million dollar deal.  With Lynch getting $18 mildo, Forte is certainly in line for that or more.  He’s much more well rounded and contributes more in the passing game that Beast Mode Lynch.