Redskins Could Play Spoiler in Vincent Jackson to Bears Sweepstakes


The Redskins made big news over the weekend by trading away the farm to St Louis to move up to the #2 spot in the draft for the right to select Robert Griffin III.  Now the word on the street is that the ‘Skins are set to break the bank to get a top wide receiver target for their quarterback in waiting.

Here’s what ProFootballTalk hears:

"Kevin Acee of the Union-Tribune San Diego takes it a step further in a Sunday night report, confirming Chicago and Washington are expected to be Jackson’s two most aggressive pursuers and that the Redskins “will do almost whatever it takes” to land this year’s top free agent wideout.The Redskins played it conservatively in 2011 free agency, saving cap space and gearing up for a monster run in 2012. They’ve got their franchise quarterback, and are now intent on surrounding him with an improved supporting cast.Don’t forget that Redskins coach Mike Shanahan has been a “big fan” of Jackson’s dating all the way back to the 2005 draft. Shanahan was “not happy” when the then-division rival Chargers drafted Jackson five spots after Shanahan’s Broncos selected the late Darrent Williams."

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder is no stranger to dropping big free agent money, so this scares me as a Bears fan.  Then again, Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith backed the Brinks truck up to Julius Peppers’ house a couple of offseasons ago, so the Bears will make a strong bid if they believe Jackson is the guy.

For Jackson, it’s a matter if he wants to be part of a re-building project in Washington or if he wants to step into an immediate playoff contender in Chicago.  Or will the number of zeroes before the decimal point be the sole factor in making Jackson’s decision?

Just a quick aside from the Union Times article that PFT references, where they outline Jackson’s biggest suitors:

"WashingtonNow that the Redskins have traded up to the No.2 spot in the draft and assured their acquisition of Robert Griffin III, Jackson must ask himself if he wants to not only start over but start over with a rookie quarterback. And where are the rest of the weapons on the Washington offense?ChicagoJay Cutler might be erratic (and a jerk), but he throws a pretty deep ball and can fit passes in places as well as (or, forgive me, better than) Rivers. Jackson makes that offense instantly better, as the Bears have running back Matt Forte."

They just can’t leave the “Jay Cutler is a jerk” angle alone, can they?