Manning In, Tebow Out in Denver


The quarterback carousel is still going, but some of the pieces are coming into focus.  2012’s big free agent fish Peyton Manning has chosen the Denver Broncos and is reportedly working out the terms on a contract that will land him in Denver and gives the Broncos about their only way out of Tebow-mania.

It puts Tim Tebow on the outside looking in.  Despite his fluke success last season in an unorthodox offense designed to take advantage of his “unique” skill set, there’s no way he could serve as Manning’s backup; their styles are just too different.

Tebow has been linked to Jacksonville, where he could ride a donkey back into town and have his followers toss palm fronds in his path.  (That’s it for my Palm Sunday/Tim Tebow/Jesus references. )

That leaves the San Francisco 49ers and Miami Dolphins still searching for an answer at quarterback.  Alex Smith visited the Dolphins and could end up choosing between his old team, who thought enough of him to go after Manning, and the Dolphins, who’ve missed out on every quarterback this side of Rex Grossman this offseason.

For the Bears, it means they’ll avoid Manning until 2015, if he lasts that long.