Chicago Bears Should Trade “Disrespected” Matt Forte


Before you click away from this post as just a stunt, please hang with me as I explain why I think the Bears need to trade disgruntled running back Matt Forte.

Upon hearing that the Bears signed Michael Bush to a 4-year, $14 million deal, Forte took to the Twitterverse to express his displeasure:

Sign me up for $7.7 million of “finishing last.”  Does he realize that most of his fans will never see that much money is a couple of lifetimes?  That wasn’t the end of his ranting:

But wait, there’s more…

And finally…

Count me among those who hate it. I can’t deal with another season of the #PayForte movement.  Hit the jump to see why they should send the disrespected Forte packing.

Let’s preface this by saying I have all the respect in the world for Matt Forte.  He’s a hell of a football player and his given this team all they’ve asked of him and more.   But it’s clear that Forte is unhappy and at this point, he’s basically a 2-year rental.

Forte had all the leverage in the world last preseason when he was unhappy about his contract status and Marion Barber was hurt.  That was the time for a power play to force Jerry Angelo and the Bears to the bargaining table.  Instead, Forte chose to be the good soldier and play.  Yes, I know that’s a good thing and I appreciate it.  But Forte missed his chance to twist the Bears’ arm into a long term deal and instead chose to reject $14 million guaranteed.  Now he expects everyone to feel sorry for him?  I don’t cry for millionaires.

While it’s true that Forte accounted for nearly half of the Bears’ offense last season, that was while doing his very best Marshall Faulk impression in Mike Martz’s offense.  What will Mike Tice’s offense bring?  Is Forte the type of runner that Tice wants?  Will Tice have designs to get Forte the ball in the passing game like Martz did?

The game is changing.  It’s a passing league now and running backs just aren’t as valuable as they used to be.  The Bears recognize that; it’s why Jerry Angelo traded for Jay Cutler and his successor Phil Emery traded for Brandon Marshall.  A ,major reason why Forte was such a big part of the Bears offense is because they had no other reliable weapons.

If the Bears don’t think they can come to terms with Forte, they should trade him.  He’s coming off a Pro Bowl season and his value will never be higher.  Would the Cleveland Browns, who lost Peyton Hillis to Free Agency, be willing to part with one of their two first round picks to get Forte?  What if the Bears could put a deal together to get the #4 pick for Forte?  Would top wide receiver Justin Blackmon be worth it?

If the Bears trade Forte, they also free up some $7.7 million from the salary cap.  That’s money they could use to patch up other positions like defensive end, offensive line and safety.

I would love to see Matt Forte in a Bears uniform for years to come, but he’s painted himself into a corner.  I think he’s getting some bad advice from his representatives and is heading for an ugly standoff with the Bears, who hold all the cards.  #PayForte?  I say #TradeForte!

What do you think?  Is Forte irreplaceable?  If the Bears could get a high round pick, would it change your opinion?  Am I just an idiot???  Vote in our poll and let’s hear your comments.